10 best questions to ask at the end of an interview


Not sure what to ask? Don’t panic, we’ve got it covered! TMSAP

With any interview you have, as well as them determining if you’re right for the role, you also need to turn it around on them and decide if the role is right for you, which can be done by asking the right questions.

Your questions at the end of the interview can make all the difference to whether you make it to the next stage ahead of all the other interviewees and also whether you want this position.

Have some questions ready and remember that some of them will be answered during the interview so have at least 5 prepared.

1. WHO WOULD I BE REPORTING TO? ARE THEY PART OF THE SAME TEAM? - If you have more than one manager this will help determine the pecking order

2. WHO DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR MAJOR COMPETITOR? HOW DOES YOUR COMPANY DIFFERENTIATE? - It shows that you are already thinking ahead and how the company can improve

3. AS WELL AS THE SET SKILLS REQUIRED, WHAT PERSONAL TRAITS DO YOU THINK WOULD BE ADVANTAGEOUS ? - This will give you a better understanding of the culture of the company and will tell what skills they see as valuable

4. WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES OF THIS POSITION? -This can help prepare for challenges ahead and prepare your plan of action.

5. WHAT HAVE PAST EMPLOYEES DONE TO SUCCEED IN THIS POSITION? - This will give you a great indication to what the company sees as success.

6. IF I WERE SUCCESSFUL, WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM A TYPICAL DAY? - This gives you a clearer view of what your average day will look like and if it’s something you’d be happy with.

7. IS THIS A NEW POSITION OR WOULD IT BE REPLACING SOMEONE? - It’s good to know if you’ll be filling someone’s shoes or setting the standard

8. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN PROVIDE TO HELP YOU MAKE A DECISION? - It’s good to know you’ve covered all bases.

9. WHAT’S YOUR TIMELINE FOR MAKING A DECISION AND WHEN SHOULD I EXPECT TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU? - This will show that you’re eager, but it also gives you a time frame.

10. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE THAT HASN’T BEEN COVERED THAT YOU THINK IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW ABOUT WORKING HERE? - They may give you answers that you may not have even thought about…and it’s a good way to wrap things up.

**Don’t make the mistake of asking irrelevant questions just for the sake of it. If you ask something that’s already been answered in the interview this can do more harm than good. **