7 reasons why Temp is the new perm!


When looking for a job, often people hear ‘TEMP’ and they instantly recoil from the word. When in fact, temping it great! TMSAP

Think of it as try before you buy. You are thinking of trying something different, but you’re not sure if it’s definitely something you want to do. Or perhaps you’re in between jobs and want to try a new style of working with a new company.

Temping is great for everyone, whether you’re new to the workforce, a returning parent or trying out a new industry.

Check out the benefits of taking a temp role

1. Need a job now? You can get back into work sooner rather than later

2. Fill in the gaps – if you’re in between jobs you don’t want to have big gaps in your resume

3. Enjoy the flexibility – especially working in the travel industry, you want time off to travel!

4. Try something different – it may not be something you could do long term but it’s always great to try something different

5. Learn something new!

6. Build your contact/network – it’s always about who you know, they may be able to help you in future

7. Could turn permanent – if you turn out to be a superstar and the company love you and your work, they will make the position permanent for you.

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