Are you ready to step down in order to step up


The natural thoughts for career progression is move up the ladder and continue in this vertical movement. TMSAP

However, not all career progression is as black and white and at times you need to take a side step before you can move up.

The difficultly can be approaching these opportunities. How do convey your reasons to management as to why, in their eyes, you are stepping down.



• Show good will towards to company and let them know that you still want to contribute to the team, it will just in a different way.

• Focus on the areas you will be able to contribute to, that way management can see the benefits that you can still bring to the company.

• Emphasis on the positives of stepping down instead of the negatives of your previous position.

• Explain that you still see a future with the organisation



Employers will worry that this new role will not be challenging enough and would not be something for you to do long term. Prepare yourself for certain questions:

• Your too experienced for the role - Highlight the areas that will be a learning opportunity for you, thus not making you as experienced as they think

• Would you be happy with the pay cut - Explain that you understand the salary will be a cut for you, but that your long term future is more important, if that means taking a pay cut for a couple of years, it is something you are happy to do.

• Why are you looking to step down? Perhaps it is a chance to learn new skills and gain exposure in a new area of business. Give examples of these new skills, which later down the line you can develop to lead you into a different senior position and benefit the organisation

• If they don’t approach the subject of taking a step down, take the initiative and come to the point yourself “ You are probably thinking why am I going for less senior position…” Explain to them why you would be suitable for this position and what you can achieve from it and what you can bring to the role.