Have you got an action plan for your job search?


These basic steps will help you with a more effective job search .

If you’re feeling lost amidst the sea of your applications, we’ll get you started with a basic 5 step plan to get you back on track.

1. The Basics – decide the fundamentals of what you want - full time or part time, feasible locations, salary bracket. Remember when it comes to some salaries, there may be bonus included and addition benefits that will add up so give yourself a bracket.

2. Job Role – Think about what you want in the job and what you do and don’t want it to include. If you’re not sure of the exact job title speak to colleagues and friends in the industry, and better still, speak to us! As recruiters, we can piece together the ideal role as we have broader knowledge of the type of positions out there.

3. Documentation - Ensure you have all relevant documents ready and to hand for if/when they are requested – Resume, references, qualification certificates, awards.

4. Keep track of applications – there’s nothing worse than that awkward moment when someone replies to your job application but you have no idea what job it is for as you’ve applied for so many. Keep a record of all your applications – job title, company name, advertised salary, and if you can, keep a record of the job description so you can make references to it.

5. Don't pressure yourself - Finally, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find the perfect job instantly. It can take time to find that ideal role and more often than not it will be worth the wait, rather than jumping into something you’re not sure about.