How to ensure your job hunting stays undisclosed


5 Simple steps to ensure you are not found out .

The biggest fear of job seekers is being found out by their current employers that they are looking for a new job. So keep your job searching discreet and unknown to others by following these 5 simple steps.

1. Keep the searching to yourself

Hopefully your colleagues are your friends, but don’t make the mistake of talking to them about your job searching plans. Gossip spreads in any office and although it may not be intentional, there is a risk of someone letting it slip.

2. Don’t be tempted to do your job hunting in work hours

Do your job hunting in your own time and not in work hours. It may be tempting to have a quick look at available jobs whilst at your desk and while no one is looking, but do you really know that no one is looking?? Don’t run the risk, browse and apply for jobs in your own time and not at work.

3. Be aware of Social Media

Avoid posting or updating your status in regards to your job search or interviews on social media, a lot of people forget they have connections with colleagues and can be found out by such a simple slip up.

4. Dress appropriately

If you have an interview before or after work, and you are not normally suited and booted for the office, don’t go to work in your interview attire. Take a change of clothes so you don’t raise suspicion.

5. Maintain your work performance

Although your mind may be on your job search or your impending interview, don’t let your performance at work slip as this can arouse suspicion from colleagues and managers that you are looking for a new job.


Follow these simple steps and you’ll ensure you won’t be found out until you have signed your new contract and your resignation is ready to go.