How to Retain Employees & Reduce Staff Turnover


The easiest way to overcome this lies with the manager TMSAP

No company benefits from a high turnover of staff, an ever-changing team incurs additional costs to business and puts strain on the current team with training for new starters required as well as someone having to take over the workload with the departure of staff.

Employees need management they can look up to and respect, knowing there is someone to go to for advice or if something get too complicated.


Below are our 5 Top Tips on how you as a manager can you get longevity out of your staff


1. Promote the right people

With the departure of a senior member of staff it can be natural to promote the next more senior staff to the role, but are they right for the role? If there isn’t a suitable candidate already in your team, it is better to recruit someone new who has the right skills set and experience. It may cost more first off, but it will save money in the long haul.


2. Recognise hard work

This is one of the simplest things to do, yet so effective. Do not take for granted the work your employees do. If they have done a great job, give them a pat on the back and thank them.


3. Manageable workload

Overworked staff will not perform to their greatest potential. Ensure the teams’ workload is manageable. If extra time is needed to be put occasionally, they will be much more willing to cooperate.


4. Staff Development

You do not come across many people who are happy to be doing the same job year after year without a change. Ensure you have succession plans for staff to keep them engaged in their work and help them see a bigger picture.


5. Fulfill your promises

Becoming a strong and successful leader requires trust and respect from employees. If you have made a commitment to the team or a member of staff, stick to it. If you cannot, explain to them why, giving the facts so they understand.


To be a successful manager you need to have a successful and happy team and in return you’ll get a lower turnover of staff, which in the long run will save you time and money and make a more harmonious workplace for everyone.