Introducing TMS Talent Brisbane!


TMS Talent will today re-open it's doors in Brisbane, headed up by Sean Jeddaoui, General Manager - QLD TMSAP

John Terry, MD of TMS Talent stated, 'We are ready to take on this challenge and with great teamwork, we hope to expand our existing Brisbane business with an "on the ground" presence which will further our success in the industry. Sean's background as a trusted, experienced recruiter with over 20 years spanning across the UK and Brisbane markets will ensure our success in our new venture.'

Sean commented, 'I'm very happy to be joining the TMS Talent team. I'm looking forward to exploring new opportunities within the Queensland market, helping both clients and candidates achieve their goals.'

Steve Hamblin, CEO of TMS and Parker Bridge Group said, “We are very excited to return to Brisbane as TMS was there for many years under previous management and now that we have re-established ourselves under John Terry's excellent leadership I am more confident than ever that TMS, with the strong partnerships we have with our technology partners in the training and retained recruitment sectors, will continue to realize our vision to once again be the go-to travel recruiter in Australia. Our next move will be into Melbourne".


Please contact Sean on 1300 268 905 or email

Level 6, 140 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000