Pros & Cons of working with a large business


Are you ready to go bigger - Is it better? TMSAP

Bigger can be better, depending on what you want. Consider these factors when making your final decision to switch sides.


| PROS |

- Brand Awareness -

Large businesses are generally more well known. When approaching clients or customers or even applying for a new role, having the name of a large, recognisable company will be advantageous.

- Internal Promotions -

Generally there will be multiple departments and teams within the company, meaning when you are looking for your next challenge you will be able to either take a step up or sideways and get that internal promotion.

- Dedicated Departments -

You’ll benefit from having dedicated departments for all aspects of the business, offering more structure and guidance, such as legal and HR departments.

- Networking -

With more employees you’ll have more colleagues and managers, therefore more knowledge surrounding you. Take advantage of those people, whether it be learning new skills from them, tapping into their knowledge or just generally networking with them and building relationships. You never know who you will meet later down the line and how they can help you.


| CONS |

- Change Can Be Challenging -

Implementing new ideas or changing procedures can often take a lot longer to be put in place. With more levels of senior staff and management to go through, even the little changes are scrutinised.

- Less Exposure -

You can be more restricted in gaining exposure to other areas of the company. With dedicated teams comes dedicated roles, making it harder for you to deviate from your job description.

- Out Of The Loop -

If you’re passionate about the business, it is hard to know where the company is going and what the future plans are. Unless you are in a very senior position within the organisation, it’s unlikely you will be included in any business decisions or kept in the loop of future plans, which some people can find frustrating.

- Recognition -

With more employees in the business it can be hard to stand out. Recognition for the work you do on a daily basis will not come as often; with multiple ‘great workers’ it’s hard not to blend in with everyone else.