Pros & Cons of working with a small business


Have you looked carefully at the advantages of being a big fish in a smaller pond? TMSAP

If you are used to working with a large travel company, perhaps the thought of moving to a smaller business isn’t something you’ve considered

Consider the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision. Ultimately it will come down to where you believe your personality and skill set will thrive but these points will give you an idea of where you believe that to be.


| PROS |

- Cross Skill & Up Skill -

With smaller companies, not every role requires a dedicated person therefore current staff generally fill in the gaps. This is great if you’re looking to learn new skills and work on something outside of your job description. You may even discover a your hidden talents by doing this.

- Flexibility -

Generally, smaller companies are able to offer more flexibility. Their procedures aren’t so strict and allowances can be made to meet individual needs.

- Work/life balance -

This will vary depending on the company, however with smaller organisations, generally the team work together more closely and therefore have a higher regard for each other’s personal life and are more inclined to accommodate personal requirements.

- Remuneration -

When up against brands who are highly recognised and known within the industry, small companies need to offer something more attractive that compensates this , which in most cases is the remuneration package.


| CONS |

- Jobs risk -

While redundancies aren’t limited to smaller company, they do pose a greater risk. Smaller companies tend to have a handful of key clients and if they were to lose one or more of them this would impact the business considerable, meaning loss of profit and potential redundancies.

- Brand Recognition -

Particularly in sales role, working with a smaller company where the company is perhaps not as well known as the bigger giants, can make selling harder. If people are familiar with the brand there is already an element of trust. With smaller companies it can take time to win their trust and for them to believe in your product or service, making your role much more challenging.

- Benefits -

Not all small business are able to offer the health and additional benefits that large organisations can, such as dental or health insurance, things that some people deem as necessities.

- Workload -

As much as taking on additional tasks can be a benefit, not everyone can handle the additional pressure of taking on more work and juggling the workload