Use technology for your global reach but don't lose your local approach and personal touch. John Terry

It's global employment market today and trends are moving towards more aggressive job jumping and opportunity-seeking from candidates who are geologically flexible. How are the new issues being tackled by the hospitality market?


The hospitality recruitment and retention space can still be very traditional and sometimes very slow to adapt to employee expectations, interests and trends, Terry admits. However, smart employers can really elevate their brands by streamlining their strategies and promoting their brands while utilising technology such as video interviewing and profiling to attract the best staff and maintain high levels of employee retention.

Social media have increased the choice for candidates, making them more aware of opportunities both locally and globally.

People have always half an eye open for opportunities and have the ability to relocate easily, so employers need to adopt a mixture of local and global recruitment searching strategies, Terry says.

"use technology for you global reach but don't lose your local approach and personal touch."

To the best out of employees and attract the best people, a company needs to find applicants interested in it and able envision long-term career prospects. Cities in the second tier and below will always face more challenges recruiting new staff, as applicants automatically assume that centrally located companies will offer more opportunities.

Whatever the location, companies need to highlight their point of difference.

"be a little different," says Terry. "For example, international and global opportunities for candidates do not have to be role based. Offer global incentive programs, conferences, training or internships as a point of difference."

If companies are able to highlight these ares, they'll see an increase in the number of applicants as well as better-quality candidates, while maintaining staff retention and ensuring high employee satisfaction.



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