Recruitment through the Christmas Season!


Leading up to the Christmas, is often the busiest time of year for all levels of recruitment Ainslie Hunt

We often hear people say “You must be having a long break over Christmas as recruitment must be so quiet”. This is actually not the case. Typically, it is quite common for long term staff members to resign before their holiday, even if they haven’t secured their next role. There have been a few years at TMS that Christmas Eve has been one our biggest days ever!

Leading up the Christmas, is often the busiest time of year for all levels of recruitment. Hiring Managers and HR Managers want to finalise their new talent for the coming year, large companies want to utilise their full recruitment budget before the year is out and small organisations want to secure temporary or contract staff to cover the holiday period.

How do you ensure you start the New Year on the right foot with your team?

- This is the perfect time of year to spoil your team members and make them feel appreciated. If your business is slowing down, surprise your staff by giving them an afternoon off to go Christmas shopping, or host an impromptu celebration.

- If you have current vacancies within your team, ensure that the recruitment process is well managed and time efficient. You should decide on any hiring decisions before the holiday break, so you don’t lose your shortlisted candidates. The engagement on your opportunity will slip away during the festive season

- If your business keeps a steady pace throughout December and January, it is a good idea to secure some temp or contract staff to ensure you are not overloading your valued and committed staff that are happy to work over the holidays.

Most importantly, as management, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your holiday. We all know our talent is our best asset so if you are comfortable with your team levels for the coming year, the more celebrating you can do.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a vibrant and successful 2017