The Appeal of Product


Do you know what the job really entails? - Written by TMS Talent

Demand is high in the travel industry for product roles, with the allure of experiencing products first hand and the chance to come away from consulting, no wonder these roles are requested by so many travel agents. Yet these positions can be few and far between and you’ll be up against some stiff competition, so do you know what it takes, but more importantly have you got what it takes…?

What is a product role? In general a product role is tracking and managing all aspects of the product from sales, return, distribution and consumer interest . You’ll be liaising with suppliers, sourcing the best products and services for your organisation with some roles requiring you to inspect sites and destinations to determine if what if offered is a suitable product for the business. Generally there is no direct customer interaction, but you’ll need to be good at negotiations and building relationships with suppliers and creating partnerships. The role also comes with a lot of administrative duties

What experience do you need for a product role? Hands on experience in the industry is a must, a background in either retail or wholesale travel is ideal as you have a good idea of a variety of products and the expectations of the customers. An eye for detail and knowing what is trending in the travel industry for your market is important as this is what will help set you apart from your competitors.

What is the pay like for product roles? Depending on the seniority of the role, salary will start at $40,000 per year, where the more senior roles will sit at $70,000 per year. Although the role may have targets where you can gain a bonus, these roles are non-commission based so won’t offer the same potential remunerations of sales consultant roles.

How can you secure a product role? You will need to demonstrate excellent product knowledge, whether it be for a particular destination or specific product with the ability to understand your target market and what they are looking for. Excellent communication and time management skills are a must as well as the ability to build relationships with suppliers and recognise new areas of product improvements.