The Importance of References


References are vital! They can often be the deciding factor between you getting the role or someone else. TMS Talent

References are generally the last stage in the process when securing a new role and can often be the deciding factor between you and someone else.

References give your potential new employer an insight to your work performance and attitude at work. It also validates the information you’ve included on your resume as your job description.

If you were to ask your manager right now for a reference, what would they say about you? Would they praise your work performance or would they voice some concerns?

Generally, references will be taken from a direct Manager and occasionally from a colleague doing the same role as you as often these people will be able to provide a better insight into your daily performance, especially if your manager doesn’t sit with or near you.



For example, if you’re turning up 15 minutes late for work every day, and your reference makes note of this and passes it on during a reference check, if you’re up against someone who turns up for work 5 minutes early every day, who do you think your potential future employer is more likely to employee?



Below are a few examples of the types of questions references are asked, so even if you’re not actively looking for a job right now, bear these in mind for future.

How would you rate their overall job performance?

How did they relate to management?

Did they work well with the team?

Were they punctual/Did they have good attendance?

What were their strengths and weaknesses?

Could you improve on these points?



Speak with your references before they are contacted to give them a heads up so they are prepared

Give them details on the role that you are going for and what the position requires, that way they can focus on these points when they are giving your references.