The realities of working with an airline


Does the perception match the reality? .

We may be a bit biased but travel is possibly one of the best industries to work in. What with the great products on offer and the amazing perks, it’s no wonder there is a lot to offer for new people coming into the industry. One of the biggest allures of this industry is the chance to work with an airline. When we put the question to our candidates of what they see as their ideal role, time and time again the answer is ‘to work with an airline’, but why? What is it about this sector of the industry that makes it in such high demand, and does it meet the expectations?

With the sky highs comes the lows, we look at some of the challenges that are faced in this sector and what to expect

• The name and brand is probably one of the biggest attractions and perhaps the perception that comes with it. If you’re working with an airline it sounds glamourous and exciting, you get to jet set around the world and discover new destinations. However, that all depends on the role within the company. Not every position will allow you to do this array of travel, to gain these roles you need to work your way up and put in the hard yards.

• The airline is a competitive industry, which means when it comes to obtaining that promotion it can be a longer progress and you also need to up your game and become that AMAZING employee to make yourself stand out.

• For some the flexibility of hours is a plus, however for others the lifestyle can be a challenge, so be prepared. There are not many roles with airlines that can offer that Monday – Friday 9 till 5 routine, shift work with early starts and late finishes are part of the every day, and unpredictable rosters can make it hard to plan ahead for events or occasions.

• Airlines are subjected to force majeure and having to react to unforeseeable circumstances. As an employee in this sector, you will have to be able to pacify disgruntled customers and be resilient whilst remaining pleasant and understanding and not taking it to heart.

What makes you want to work for an airline? Is it everything you thought it would be? We want your feedback….email