What are the top 5 essential traits of high achievers?


While we enjoy the Olympics in Rio, have you ever wondered what really makes them “Champion” athletes? Ainslie Hunt

Not surprisingly, these Olympians share the same traits as you and your high performing staff within your own teams.

There are certain characteristics that have seen you achieve incredible success. These traits are things that can be easily developed by you, me and everyone else, if the drive and desire for success is strong.

As you probably know by now, success is not something that just happens. Below are the top 5 essential traits of high achievers:

1. Belief

High achievers believe that they can succeed in whatever they set out to accomplish. They don’t let fear or doubt control them. Of course, they encounter obstacles and challenges, but they overcome them with confidence.


2. They LOVE what they do

Every day, high achievers wake up with a natural drive and hunger which inspires them towards their goals. It’s a long, hard road so without a love and passion for what they do, they would have given up before they get near the finish line.


3. Goals

Goals are vital to success! What distinguishes the “great” from the rest of the pack are the types of goals they set themselves. Great achievers don’t set goals they know they can achieve, they set goals that are almost a fantasy.


4. They Fail

All high achievers have failed at one time or another. Failure is an essential part of success so they don’t waste energy worrying about it. They pick themselves up and try again.


5. Focus

They keep their eye on the target at all times. They have the ability to prioritise tasks that will move them closer to their goals and avoid distractions.


The great achievers past and present experienced incredible success because they possessed characteristics that set them apart from everyone else. Traits of successful people are not genetic; they are in fact things that can be learned and developed. So quit waiting and get started today!


Maybe I might see you at the next Olympics!